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Still Streaking

My streak has yet to break. Thirty nine days straight of at least two miles, 50 sit ups and 50 pushups. I’ll spare you the daily details on every pathetic little run or walk. Yes some days I’ve resorted to merely walking two miles but it counts! I’ve pushed through a Gasparilla hangover, a brutal cold, sheer exhaustion after a weekend of crewing another race and just plain day to day life.

I’m honestly not sure if this streaking stuff is hurting or helping. In some ways I feel like it’s allowing me these pathetic little two mile runs. A distance I never even felt was worth getting out the door for. But let’s be honest, I wasn’t exactly doing much of anything before this and twos add up so I’ll take the mileage where I can get it.

As far as the competition part of this goes. I won. About a week ago the last two of the group bailed out on the same day. So I win drinks … that is if we can ever find a day that all of us can get together.

I’m going to keep going. Not sure how much longer I can last and it’s so tempting to quit now that there’s no one else to keep me motivated but I’m all in!