Doggies 4 Duchenne 5k

I ran the Doggies 4 Duchenne 5k last weekend. First 5k I’ve run in two years. As an ultra runner, it’s hard for me to justify paying to run 3.1 miles but I love this race and the charities it supports; The Humane Society at Lakewood Ranch and Another Day for Gray. The best part though … there’s a human only race and a canine-human race! What’s not awesome about being to race with your dog?! Sign. Me. Up.

But herein lies the problem. I run with Ellie, my border mix, all the time. Buuuuuuut she’s psychotic. We run trails mostly. Primarily because I prefer being in the woods but it’s also the least mortifying experience. Ellie has a tad bit of reactivity to bikes. And skateboards. Don’t even get me started on rollerbladers. Even the occasional runner. She just wants to chase. The prey drive in that dog is insane! But since I can’t keep up with every cyclist that flies by, the result is an ear piercing squeal that rivals the sound of nails on a chalkboard.

I know what you’re thinking and yes, we do own a dog training company. But haven’t you ever heard the old adage that the maid’s house is always dirty and the mechanic’s car is always broken down in the driveway … so yeah, don’t judge a dog trainer by their personal dogs. Please.

doggies for duchenne 5k start
Runners And Their Humans

Dogs and humans lined up at the start line were, not surprisingly, more than Ellie could handle. We opted to hang off to the side and keep our distance but Ellie’s squealing still resulted in more than our fair share of stares and I came close to calling the race before it even began for us. We stuck it out though then jumped in somewhere between leashed pups and the doggie strollers. Yup, apparently even dog 5ks have a stroller option.

Watch the video of the start and you’ll see us coming from way off to side at around the 20 second mark.

Ellie loves to run. She’s done up to 16 miles with me and freaks if I walk out the door without her when I’m wearing running shoes so it didn’t take long before she settled into a good pace. We chatted with a couple runners along the way, including my friend Tam whose puppy Lucy was doing her first 5k ever and even dodged a few mid-run poopers. Seriously how does a dog crap without breaking a single stride?! Impressive! And I likely know a runner or two who would welcome some advice.

Hi Tam and Lucy!

We ended up finishing the race in 26:07 which was a good minute faster than my last dog-free 5k. One of these days I would love to do a one mile time trial with Ellie. Well, not actually with her. I have no doubt that dog would need someone far faster than me. But I’m so curious to see what she could do.

The after-race party was a bit more than I wanted to handle Ellie during so she hung out with one of our trainers while I sampled the local brew and eats. Though a far shorter day than most of my race days, it was a fun time for all!

If you’ve ever considered racing with your dog, this is a great one to start with. Hope to see you out there next year!

Upcoming Races

It’s time to get my ass in gear. In the past two years I’ve done a mere two races; croom zoom 100, a dnf, and then a year later the Croom Zoom 50k (pretty much untrained) as the only course revenge that I could muster. Ridiculous given how much I used to race. So it was time to put a few things on the calendar and stop wallowing. Here’s what’s committed to so far:

  • Feb. 17: Doggies for Duchenne 5k — I’m not a big 5k runner but our company is sponsoring this race so I get free entry. Best part … I get to run with my dog! If you’re local to the Sarasota Florida area you should totally come run this race!
  • March 4: Skyway Bridge 10k — I’m also not a big 10k runner but this is potentially a once in lifetime opportunity. The Skyway Bridge has never been open to foot traffic. At least not legally. I may or may not have a running friend who managed to make it all the way across before being “escorted” back to the other side.
  • April 7: Draggin’ Tail 50k — I am super excited about this race. I love the trails at Torreya. A handful of us do an annual fall camping/running/drinking trip up there and I’ve always wanted to go back up for the race but have always had an I’m-too-busy excuse. Not anymore. And yes, there will be camping and drinking this trip too!
  • April 14: Corbett 50k — yup back-to-back weekend 50ks on the books. Corbett has the best race waiver ever.  It’s not the only thing that led me to register for it but reading it was added bonus for sure …
    By registering for the 2018 J.W. Corbett Trail Race Anno Domini, you agree to grant us a non transferrable option to claim, for now and ever more, your immortal soul. Should we wish to exercise this option, you agree to surrender your immortal soul, and any claim you may have on it within 5 working days of receiving written notice from J. W. Corbett RD or one of its dully authorized minions. We reserve the right to serve such notice in six foot high letters of fire, however we can accept no liability for any loss or damage caused by such an act. If you a) do not believe you have an immortal soul, b) have already given it to another party or c) do not wish to grant us such a license, submit a notarized letter to the RD to nullify this sub-clause and proceed with your transaction.

On the radar but not yet committed to:

  • May 12/June 9/ July 21/Aug. 18: 8 Hours of Hell Series — There are September and October dates as well but with any luck Florida won’t be home past August.
  • Dec. 8: Sawmill 50k — Hopefully this will be super close to home by then 🙂

I’m hoping there will be a few others especially later in the year. And I’m really not sure about the summer series. I hate hate hate the heat but since this will be my last Florida summer I’m thinking I’ll suck it up and sweat.

Still Streaking

My streak has yet to break. Thirty nine days straight of at least two miles, 50 sit ups and 50 pushups. I’ll spare you the daily details on every pathetic little run or walk. Yes some days I’ve resorted to merely walking two miles but it counts! I’ve pushed through a Gasparilla hangover, a brutal cold, sheer exhaustion after a weekend of crewing another race and just plain day to day life.

I’m honestly not sure if this streaking stuff is hurting or helping. In some ways I feel like it’s allowing me these pathetic little two mile runs. A distance I never even felt was worth getting out the door for. But let’s be honest, I wasn’t exactly doing much of anything before this and twos add up so I’ll take the mileage where I can get it.

As far as the competition part of this goes. I won. About a week ago the last two of the group bailed out on the same day. So I win drinks … that is if we can ever find a day that all of us can get together.

I’m going to keep going. Not sure how much longer I can last and it’s so tempting to quit now that there’s no one else to keep me motivated but I’m all in!