About Me

Hi! I’m Becca. I moved to Colorado in 2018 after more than 20 years in Florida. I’m a mom to one human child named Sierra and five dog kids; Ellie, Hendrix, Quesa, Relic and Chloe. I’ve got an incredible boyfriend, Don, who I work with running a dog-training company. I also own a restaurant.  I’m an ultra-runner. At least I used to be. I’ve been in a tad bit of a running hiatus of sorts. And by that I mean I’ve been a lazy piece of shit. I’m a vegetarian toeing the line of veganism and given the kitchen is not my domain, cooking has become even more difficult than it used to be! I’m historically type-A, a tad bit anal-retentive, structured and rational and I think it’s about time I gave all that up.

Feel free to contact me at runningtrailtails@gmail.com