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Let the Adventures Begin

Yup. Fell out of the writing routine … again. Oh, and the running routine. Come to think of it, I fell out of almost any routine. It’s not that I haven’t been busy in the seven months since we moved to Evergreen. In fact it’s been quite whirlwind. We bought, re-branded and are building a business. We’ve been back to Florida a few times to handle work needs there. We had friends visit. We added a new puppy to the pack (way more on him later). But I simply haven’t made a super sincere effort to keep up with me. I know I say this time and time again but I’m going to try getting back to it. All of it.

We leave tomorrow for the Antelope Canyon Ultras in Arizona. I registered for the 50 miler before we left Florida but given my limited training I decided to drop to the 55k. A-typical to me to play it smart but I’ve got some plans for this year when it comes to racing and running so the goal is to stay healthy and injury free. Don is doing the half marathon which will be only his second race at that kind of distance. Ever. And he’s going in far more untrained than I am given he’s got super bad plantar fasciitis so it should be quite the adventure.

This will be our first time back in Maive, our camper, since getting to Colorado. And this will be our first time boon docking. I’m not 100 percent sure we’re ready. There’s a lot do to today. But we’ve been working towards this ability to hop in the camper for long weekends with little to no worry about business, home or dogs and it’s almost surreal that I think we’re there.