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On January 1st I started “streaking” with a group of friends. No not THAT kind of streaking though sometimes in the brutal Florida heat it’s tempting! A required minimum two mile run, 50 sit ups and 50 pushups every single day. Though it’s mostly a friendly competition, the deal is a night out where the longest streaker doesn’t have to pay for drinks. There were six of us to start but we’ve dropped one person already. I do think she deserved a pass given she failed to do her pushups and sit ups on a day she was attempting a 200k race but she’s too bad ass to be given special treatment.

It’s tough! My schedule is not easy but I don’t like to lose so I’m finding those windows of time for running where I can and I split up my pushups and sit ups half in the morning half at night … mostly because I’m too weak to do 50 of either at one time! I’ll update here on a weekly basis so check back to see how long I can sustain!

My week 1 streaking results were:

  • Day 1: 3 miles/50/50 (average pace 8:37)
  • Day 2: 5 miles/50/50 (average pace 11:53)
  • Day 3: 2 miles/50/50 (average pace 8:51)
  • Day 4: 4 miles/50/50 (average pace 8:47)
  • Day 5: 2 miles/50/50 (average pace 9:14)
  • Day 6: 2 miles/50/50 (average pace 11:09)
  • Day 7: 3 miles/50/50 (average pace 10:41)


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