Tri-ing Again

I can’t remember the last time I did a triathlon. Two. Three years ago maybe. I haven’t been on my road bike since we left Florida … almost a year ago. I’ve been in the pool once … last week. And I’ve been inconsistent at best on the run. Seemed reasonably sane then that I should register for a triathlon that’s a mere three weeks away. Right?

Evergreen Lake is what made me fall in love with this town the first time I stumbled upon it two years ago. It’s a small lake but it’s always full of life. Summertime sees the water covered in paddle boats and SUPs and winter turns it into an outdoor ice skating oasis. The 1.4 mile trail that runs the shoreline is a favorite for dog walkers. Though on the average day you aren’t allowed to swim in it (unless you oops off your paddle board that is), turns out once a year you can … for the Evergreen Sprint Triathlon. How ever could I resist!

It’s a 750 meter swim (wet suit required given the water temps). A 12 mile ride the first seven of which are uphill (ugh). And a three mile run. What could go wrong?