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Streak Week: 2

I’m still streaking. Haven’t missed a day yet. I have to admit there have been a few times that I had absolutely no motivation to run but I don’t like to lose so the competition side of this is keeping me in the game. I did have to modify things for a few days. I had a pretty bad cut right across my tailbone and sit ups were agonizing so, with approval from the others of course, I did a five minute BRUTAL plank workout for a few days. I might want to add that back in at some point even though I’m doing sit ups again. It would be really cool if somewhere in this I actually saw proof of ab muscles.

My biggest struggle with this whole streaking thing is seeing two mile runs on my Strava. I mean it’s barely worth even getting on my shoes for two miles! Right? Um yeah … given how pathetic my running has been the past couple of years, I need to be damn happy with any mileage! My goal is that if I make it through the entire month of January, then February’s daily minimum becomes three. March … four. Maybe.

Anyway, my week 2 streaking results were:

  • Day 8: 3 miles/50/50 (average pace 8:41)
  • Day 9: 3 miles/50/5 minute plank workout (average pace 8:55)
  • Day 10: 2 miles/50/5 minute plank workout (average pace 8:44)
  • Day 11: 2 miles/50/5 minute plank workout (average pace 9:08)
  • Day 12: 4 miles/50/5 minute plank workout (average pace 9:38)
  • Day 13/Day 14: 29 miles/100/100 (average pace: slow)
    • I combined days 13 and 14 (Long Haul pacing) since I’m not sure which miles were before midnight and which were after.

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