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Dam Ducks

I’m going to try to catch up a bit on some of the awesome that we’ve experienced since we moved to Evergreen about a month ago. It seems there is always something to do and by the time I’m home and settled in I’m too tired to think.

Small town life has such cool little events and, so far, one of my favorites has been the Evergreen Dam Duck Derby. What is a duck derby you ask? It’s an annual festival put on by the town of Evergreen during which a firetruck drops thousands of numbered rubber duckies from above the Evergreen Dam. Then, as spectators run along side the creek, the ducks wind their way through town. Duck wranglers (awesome volunteers with rakes and sticks) wade through the waters ensuring ducks navigate rocks and branches to successfully reach  the finish line about half a mile downstream. Each numbered duck is sponsored by a town residents or visitor alike and the winning ducks bring cash prizes and gifts.

So much fun!

Seriously, I was so excited about this adorable event that it played into my planned arrival date. I wasn’t going to actually insist we rush the road trip but it was in the back of mind for sure. Thankfully, we got here with days to spare and there was no shortage of ways around town to be sure we could participate! From local stores to online, we were able to buy a duck package last minute.

The Duck Derby itself was just part of a small street festival that was more kid-catered than applied to us so we prefaced the drop with a couple local brews at Cactus Jacks, a cool creekside restaurant. We may have popped into one of our new favorite places, Revival Brews, for another as the ducks, and crowds of people, made their way downstream as well.

Our ducks didn’t win. Maybe they stopped for a drink along the way as well. lol. But I can’t complain. We supported our new town and had a great time doing so!

Watch the video I created (and forgive my absolutely horrible video skills!)







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