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How Do You Take Your Steak

Grilling. It’s pretty much a camping requirement Not only does food seem to taste better when grilled, it’s healthier and it makes for a hell of an easier clean up which, when you’re living in a camper, can save valuable resources. Some people swear by charcoal while others opt for the ease of gas. Die hards may even take it a step further with the open flame of a camp fire. But whatever your preferred method, there really is little better than perfect grill marks across your dinner.

Grilling conjures up images of big juicy burgers, hearty steaks and barbeque chicken. But what about grilling as a vegetarian or vegan. As still relatively new vegans (well Don is vegan, I’m vegetarian mostly vegan), I wasn’t sure how we’d make grilling our primary camping cooking method. We have an awesome little portable Coleman gas grill we bought for this journey and I knew I wanted to play around with new things beyond the typical veggie burger. We love the Gardein meatless meats and of course, grilled veggies. Onions and zucchini are probably our favorites. But I knew there had to be other options.






Tonight we made what is probably my new favorite thing ever; cauliflower steaks! Cauliflower is one of my recent favs. Buffalo cauliflower tacos, smashed cauliflower, raw cauliflower. But I had never done steaks. I admit I failed drastically on the slicing. I managed to get two steaks but the rest kind of fell apart into smaller florets. No worry though. Those will make for another meal later this week!

We pre-seasoned them. A little olive oil and mild season salt on mine and deadly scorpion powder on Don’s and cooked them for about five minutes each side on our grill. We paired them with Bubba Burger veggie burgers (those things are seriously delicious) and asparagus done in foil on the grill. Fifteen minutes total. Prep to table. As hearty and filling as a real steak … and no animals died in the making. Do you have any other vegan grill recipes? Feel free to comment or share with ideas we can try!







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