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Home Sweet Home

Damn, it’s been a crazy past week or so. The last couple of stops on our cross-country journey found us with no wifi and extremely limited cell service so I wasn’t able to write much. And then, after just one day in Santa Fe, we had a scare with one of the dogs which, coupled with the fact that we were exhausted, led us to decide to cut the trip short a few days and just head to our new home. It sucked because Santa Fe, and New Mexico as a whole really, was the number one reason we took the route we did but it’s only a five hour drive so we will plan a vacation, sans pups, in a couple months.

We got to Evergreen Friday evening — At least I think it was Friday. It’s all a tad bit of a blur — And I’m already in love with this town. And it’s not just because I’m already wearing sweat shirts and keeping windows open! It’s just quaint enough that I don’t feel like we’re in the boonies and close enough to Denver should we feel a need for city lights and nights. We already found what may become “our bar”, at least one of them, and today I definitely found what will be our grocery store. Good God the vegan options and Kambucha sections alone were enough to make me giddy. There’s still so much to see and figure out and I’m probably the most impatient person ever but I seriously can’t wait for this all to feel real!

To start, we are renting a basement apartment from friends. Though I don’t doubt we did, we want to be sure we picked the right town plus we kinda’ need to decide what we want to be when we grow up and we’re not 100 percent where exactly that may land us. But until then, we couldn’t ask for a more perfect place to call home. Great friends. A large apartment. Five acres. A pool. Horses. Hell, if they aren’t careful we may just rent this place for the rest of our lives! lol.

We’re still pretty much living off of camper supplies. The rest of our stuff doesn’t get here until Wednesday. But it’s nice to be on solid ground and be connected to reality again. We’ve got a hell of a lot of cool stuff coming up in the next week or so; The Dam Duck Derby, the Evergreen 10k and the teenager flying out to join us plus I have some serious trail exploring to do!

Welcome home to us!



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