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As I mentioned yesterday, I don’t do resolutions. I used to, however, do a word of the year. I’m a bit annoyed that the phenomenon actually seems to have become a thing. I tend to jump off bandwagons not on them but this year I felt compelled to pick a word regardless. 

2018 has some seriously cool changes in the works.  My one and only kid will be heading off to college somewhere. We’ve been in Florida since she was a few months old and I have never felt at home here. I don’t like the heat. I hate the beach. I’m a Scottish redhead so I tend to self-combust in the sun. I prefer lakes without alligators and mountains larger than ant hills. I no doubt live in the wrong state. But my baby-daddy is here and after we divorced I vowed to actually try to co-parent with him which meant staying in the sunshine state. I’ve pushed the out-of-state school thing on my kid since she was little and thankfully she seems as eager to leave Florida behind as I do.

Even if for some reason she opts to stick around here, home as she knows it won’t be. I’ve counted down the days, months and years until I could leave and I have no intention of sticking around. My boyfriend and I are heading west. Where is still to be determined but Colorado is currently at the top of the list with Oregon in a close second.

I have no doubt it’ll all be a tough adjustment. The move not so much but I kind of like my kid. No lie. Even as a teenager. I’m excited as hell to see where she’ll end up and who she’s going to become as an adult but damn I’m going to miss having her around.

So in order to ensure I don’t suffer from empty-nest blues, I am going on quests to disrupt my cautionary stability. So my word for 2018 is Adventure! 

Bring it on!

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